Wind turbines environmental effect

Wind energy is a clean fuel. There is no pollution because no fuel is burned.
The most serious environmental drawbacks to wind machines may be their negative effect on wild bird populations and the visual impact on the landscape. To some, the glistening blades of windmills on the horizon are an eyesore; to others, they're a beautiful alternative to conventional power plants.

The people have alredy developed methodology and framework outlining the environmental friendly way for utilization of wind energy.

Here you can find some of the most valuable advantages and impacts of the wind energy utilization on the environment.

Some of the elements of the wind turbines generate noise during their operational work. Some of them are: gearbox, blades, tower and etc.
Its good to know that the nois gerenated by the modest and newst turbines is really low (the newst noise standatd is about 5 dB(A)). For example the average noise generated by the air conditioning system at home is about 30 dB

Implementation of the wind turbine on the site could lead to possible loss of habitat, breeding and feeding areas.
But in comparison with the other causes of birds mortality the effect of wind turbines is minor.

land use
Structural takes up less than 1% of total land needed. Carefully planning is necessary to obtain a high energy efficiency and minimized the visibility problem.

visual pollution
The large turbines are visible over long distance. Careful choice of the site and good design of the wind turbine positioning on the land could reduce the problem.

Wind turbine do not emmit green house gases.

global warming
Using wind turbine reduce the green house gas emissions that are the major elements for the global warming.