Magic and energy

It this section you can find how to use science to perform magic tricks and enhance any magic show.

These tricks and ideas can be used in any science projects or just for fun.

If you know any different tricks that would like to share with the other kids, you can contact us and we will make it possible.


You can perform the experiments safely by following directions and using simple care.

Be careful - you can get burnt by drinking an ordinary cup of hot chocolate carelessly!

The experiments on electricity call for the use of storage batteries or dry cells. It is never necessary and it is dangerous to use house current. Remember it!

Magic hatIf you are not yet able to perform the experiments alone, ask an older friend or adult to help you with those few experiments that require a candle or other source of heat.

If an experiment fails to work, try it again-and find out why it failed the first time.
Sometimes you can learn more from failure than from success.

Book Sources used: Physics for kids, Practical physics, Physics experiments for kids, Kids Mad Lab and etc.