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Wind turbines (windmills)
Wind turbines work because they slow down the speed of the wind. The wind flows over the airfoil shaped blades causing lift ...>>>

Main wind turbine concepts
The concepts denotes the variable speed controlled wind turbine with a DFIG (Double Fed Induction Generator) and pitch control...>>>

Wind turbines and the environment
he most serious environmental drawbacks to wind machines may be their negative effect on wild bird populations and the visual impact on the landscape...>>>

Wind turbines characteristics
As the wind speed rises above the cut-in speed, the level of electrical ouput power rises rapidly as shown. However...>>>

Energy efficiency tips
The most user friendly, easy and really efficiency ways to reduce the energy consumption at home. See how to do it...

Presentation: RES Municipal Plans development, SEAP
Sustainable Energy Plan Development Guideline | Data sources | Methodology | Data analysis | Examples | RES energy potential assessment | RES sustainable utilization | Covenant of Mayor Standard | Renewable technologies...

Building integrated PV - technical issue - part 1
A short overview of the technical issues to be considered in designing a building integrated PV systems. Brief overview of the photovoltaic materials and modules...