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About ENERGY KIDS project (
The new generation is our future. Kids need a good example. Kids are curious and ask for answers, information and explanation. Kids want to be well informed and looking for varieties of trusted sources. Friends, teachers and families are the most valuable power for that.

The energy kids web-zone is the right place where kids, parents and teachers can find all information, examples, tricks, facts, lessons, advices and games concerning energy and energy related issues.

Additional modules "Parents zone" and "Teacher zone" are developed to provide information and the framework for parents and teachers to be well prepared to answer all kids questions and to support the development of kids environmental behavior and responsibility on their early age. belongs to EnergyKids, part of ENBC.

The materials presented here are created from different sources and own researches and reports. All quoted information are provided with a source note citation.

Energy Kids together with ENBC keep all right reserved on their copyrighted materials, graphs and illustrations published on